4.5b59 Sync Migration Failed

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I updated to b59, and received the following message:
Sync Migration Failed
1Password wasn't able to migrate your sync settings. You will need to reenable syncing from Settings>Sync

However, when I went to Settings>Sync, all appeared normal (using Dropbox), with Last Sync indicating 20 (or some number near that...don't remember exactly) seconds ago. Since then, sync recurs every 37 seconds.


  • Thanks for the report @gc916‌ , that message was a side effect of the new migration code that will migrate sync settings from version 4.3.2 to version 4.5. The migration did technically fail since you already had sync set up in 4.5, but it had no adverse effects on it.

  • donnywdavis
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    I noticed this as well. I missed 4.5b59 on the iPad and went straight to 4.5b60 and still received that message. In both b59 and b60 when I switch to a secondary vault that is synced through Dropbox it gives an error and turns off sync. It does not do this for my primary vault that is synced through iCloud.

  • Fedorov
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    I've just got the above msg after upgrading from b59 to
    B60 - I didn't get this message when I upgraded to b59 from b58

    It didn't disable sync, or didn't appear to as when I went into settings it told me it had only just performed a Dropbox sync. I disabled sync and added Dropbox again just to be sure though.

  • Thanks @Fedorov.

    @donnywdavis‌ I will test your scenario above today and see what I can find. Thanks!

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