Vault re-lock after device rotation during unlock process (iPad - Beta 4.5RC0) [Confirmed]

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After entering the Master Password and tapping the unlock button, if the iPad is rotated during the process/animation, 1Password will briefly show the unlocked vault before locking again.

I'm unsure if this is an intentional function, though I'd imagine it would confuse some users if their iPad's orientation lock is off and the screen automatically rotates during this process.

Also, congratulations to AgileBits on submitting the 'final' version of 1Password 4.5 to the App Store. Your hard work has been excellent, and I'd like to thank you for allowing so many users to participate in such a major visual and functional redesign.


  • MikeT

    Hi @Lawrence250‌,

    Thank you! What a wonderful comment from you, I'll make sure everybody see it.

    I can confirm the bug you reported regarding the rotation > lock screen. I'll file a bug report and we'll get that fixed as soon as possible.

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