Blurred transparencies

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I know I don't have a masters degree in design and I'm sure Dan and the rest of the team know more about this than I do but I thought it would be nice to add some of the blurred transparencies through the entire app to represent different levels of layers. They look awesome (this is basically the best visual feature added to iOS 7 in my opinion) nevertheless it hasn't been used that much through the entire OS. Your team is one of the most talented I've seen in regards to iOS development, I'd love to see what comes out of your minds to delight us. I hate how some developers just iterate over what Apple does but Agilbits, Tapbots and other small developers are always the ones that make the difference and explote the OS's potential.

Anyway, I love what you do, keep on with the great work, this is not to demerit anything that has been done but to encourage you to reinvent apps once again (like you did with that awesome skeumorphic design 1Password currently has).


  • Thanks for the kind words, @ssdeg7‌ ! I totally agree with you about the blurred transparencies and it's something that I'm going to personally work on bringing to the app in some our updates going forward. So glad to have you on our testing team!

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