Crash on syncing multiple vaults

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With the first release candidate, running on iOS 7.1, the app crashes once I authorize the second vault and tell it to sync with a separate Dropbox account. After authorization from Dropbox, it takes me back to the app, but then it just crashes. I've tried a clean reinstall of the app but it still is broken. I've sent the crash report each time it happened. Since we're so close to release, I assume multiple vault support is low on priority to fix.


  • Thanks for the report, @alexknight‌ . Multiple Vault support is not a low priority and we're going to make sure that this one is fixed early on in the 4.5.1 betas. Just so I'm clear, you were syncing your primary vault via one Dropbox account, and then attempted to add another Dropbox account to sync a secondary vault, correct? Also, do you have the Dropbox app installed on your device? I appreciate you taking the time to write in!

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