Accessibility: TalkBack issues

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What i really like about the iOS 1Password app is that it is totally accessible for the blind. The built in screenreader VoiceOver works perfect within the app. Unfortunatly that can not be said about the Android app. I experience a lot of unlabelled and unreachable buttons in the app. TalkBack (Android screenreader) reads things like "button 6" "button 83". This gives little to no information to a TalkBack user. Also some buttons have no label. For example the trashbin. It should say "delete". Please fix this before the app gets a go in the Play Store.


  • mverdemverde

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    You are absolutely correct that accessibility support via TalkBack has not been implemented in our Android app yet. Thank you for reminding us about this. I will pass this request on to our development team.

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