So, How Do We Get The Beta 15?

I use Dropbox syncing, so when you advised us to sync and delete beta version 14 before installing beta 15, I did so- just as soon as I got the notification that beta 15 was available. Now, of course, there is no automatic update available to me since I no longer have the application installed on my phone. So, where exactly am I to go now to get the new beta? You kinda left that critical piece of information out of the instructions! :)


  • It is in the email... Take a closer look.. It has now been updated to B15

  • Thank you. I had deleted the email yesterday since it contained B -14. Fortunately, I was able to retrieve a copy off the server. So, all is well.

  • I did the same thing and then went back when I saw your question ;)

  • backtimebacktime
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    I deleted the mail and I'm unable to retrieve, now application does not start asking to upgrade. I'm using Dropbox. There is a way to download upgrade?

  • backtimebacktime
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    Solved :) I found the first email when I subscribe to beta program with download link.

  • mverdemverde

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    I apologize for the confusion that this caused! Fortunately, this is a change that we should only have to make this once. I'm glad that all of you were able to get beta 15 installed and setup. Hopefully you are now happily using beta 16 and enjoying the changes that came with it. :)

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