My 1Password is messed up accross multiple platforms... Can I start over?

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I have a laundry list of issues happening right now. Can someone please help me?

  1. I can no longer access 1Password through dropbox on a browser. I get the following message each time, regardless of the browser, Chrome or Explorer: Problem loading 1Password data file

A key data file could not be loaded and 1PasswordAnywhere cannot continue without it.

Please see this help guide for troubleshooting tips.

  1. Previous to being unable to access 1Password via a browser (this only started recently), when I accessed 1Password via a browser, which I often have to do at work, only two logins/passwords were available, not the many I've setup in 1Password over the years.

  2. I recently bought a new IPhone 5S and restored all my apps from my old IPhone, including 1Password. When I tried to setup dropbox sync through my 1Password app and was asked at one point to input my dropbox password, it wouldn't accept the correct username/password. I'm certain the correct username and password were entered. I'm able to access dropbox directly but just not through 1Password

I've really liked 1Password up until recently, but this really stinks. I look forward to getting some help.


  • mverde

    Hi @cjfaherty‌,

    I'm sorry that I'm only coming across your post just now. I can appreciate how frustrated you must feel right now and four days is a long time to be stuck feeling like that. I will do my best to help you with the problems that you're encountering.

    The first problem you described looks like it is the same as an issue that started recently as a result of some changes that Dropbox made on their end. Additional details about this have been posted here:

    The second two issues are probably best handled via email rather than on this site. Could I get you to send an email to Please include a link to this thread ( in the body of the email so that we can connect your email to these issues. Also, please respond here once you have sent the email so that I know to look for it in our system - I would like to get you up and running again as soon as possible!


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