Beta 15 Misadventures

Kniles Nuckles
Kniles Nuckles
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The following happened and is happening on both my tablet and phone:

I synced and uninstalled the previous version.

I installed Beta 15 using the apk.

When I opened 1Password, I was presented with a screen saying that there was a new version that had to be installed. I could not get past that screen, so finally I did the automatic install.

I logged into 1Password and it said login accepted, then went immediately back to the login screen.

I logged in again and my items appeared behind a pop-up - "Sync error... Please report this error so that we may assist you."

This now happens every time I log in.


  • mverde

    I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble getting going with beta 15. It sounds like you may have inadvertently downloaded beta 14 and then updated to beta 15. Unfortunately, that transition won't work because we updated the Dropbox keys within the app in order to prepare the app for release on Google Play. Since you've already updated to beta 15 (and now likely beta 16 since we released that on Tuesday), you can resolve this issue by clearing the data from the beta and re-setting up syncing. Please try the following:

    1. Tap on the Android settings app.
    2. Tap on Apps.
    3. Tap on 1Password.
    4. Tap "Clear data" and tap okay when prompted.
    5. Launch 1Password and go through the setup process with Dropbox again.

    Note: This process will remove all of your 1Password data from the device, so please make sure to note down any unsynced changes that you may have made to your vault.

    Let me know if this helps or if you have any other questions!

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