1password don't want to pay again!

Hi, so I bought 1password for pc just about a year ago, because there was no option for having it on a phone and adding/edit for Android.
After I bought it, came the news of the new Android app.
I was told then I wouldn't have to buy 1password again, cause the pc software includes all platforms.

There is no mentioning of that in the email Nick Lal sent us all. There is no mentioning of that when starting the new app.....

So, pls tell me this still is the case!



  • As far as I've been able to understand the app will be free with premium features that you'll have to pay for.

  • Just my point! I don't want to pay again for premium features! If I had known that was the case, I would not have spent that many on the pc software!

    Pls verify premium features will be available free of charge for pc software users!


  • I think it will be paid regardless whether or not you own the software for another platform. Honestly the only reason I'm using this at all is because I already spent so much money on it (I bought the OSX and iOS apps a few months ago). The app was recommended to me so highly that I bought it but I really regret it, especially now with LastPass for Android being so integrated with the system that you don't even have to copy/paste anymore. I really wish I could just get a refund. LastPass is only $12/year, I spent something like $75 on 1password. Ugh.

  • Another user concerned about multiple charging. I've already paid for 1 Password on my Mac and again on my iPad. Don't want to have to pay a third time for the premium features on my Android phone. Surely there must be a way to recognise premium users on multiple devices. Seems like a rip-off.

  • I look at it as paying for the development of really good software. I realize that I sound like a spoke person but i use this software everyday. The way I look at it is that I am willing to support developers of good software to provide better features and software in the future.

  • I look at it as "I already spent $75 on a password manager when other services are cheaper and better integrated and you want me to pay AGAIN?"

    I'm really close to just dumping this whole thing and going with LastPass. $12/year, platform-independent and better integration with Android.

  • I really hate subscriptions... Its my personal preference I feel like I own something when I buy a program... I am just old fashion. even at 256 bit encryption I dont like cloud services for storing personal information. I checked out LastPass...I personally think that to much integration is a bad thing I like to control my information allowing automatic everything could lead to spoofing.... I anticipate another hearbleed like incident in a few years and I think adding an extra step to my log in procedure isnt really a bad thing

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    i never bought the PC version but I did buy the Mac and iOS version and they never said my purchases would include everything else.

    of course no one likes to pay for a software they've already paid for in another platform but unlike others agilebits doesn't charge subscriptions.

    please provide proof of what you claim.

  • The availability of a full-featured 1Password is one of the last things I've been waiting for in order to finish extracting myself from the iOS ecosystem. The price difference between iOS and high-end Android phones is such that it will easily pay for any reasonable charge for the premium features.

    Years ago, I developed software for a living. I am amazed that folks can make a living in today's world of inexpensive apps and people expecting everything to be free. When I find someone making awesome applications like 1Password, I am doubly amazed.

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    We have given (and continue to give) a lot of thought to how we price our software and charge our customers. It is important to us that we provide good value for the price that we charge. I would like to share a bit of thinking behind this with you...

    If we were to offer one universal license to cover all platforms, we would need to price that license in such a way as to support the development costs associated with all of our platforms. This would mean that a customer who only needed the iOS app would have to pay the same amount as a customer who needed the Mac app, Windows app, iOS app and Android app.

    Instead, we have priced 1Password on a per platform basis. While this doesn’t have the advantage of “pay once, use anywhere”, it does have the advantage that you only pay for the versions that you need. In addition, we do offer bundles at a savings whenever possible (for example, our Mac + Windows bundle) and we will certainly consider expanding this to other platforms in the future.

    Regarding the Android app, we haven't finalized the pricing yet, but more information will be available as we move closer to release. We have always provided the reading functionality free on Android, and we would like to continue to do so with 1Password 4. Our Android users can use 1Password 4 as a read-only application like 1Password Reader without having to make a purchase. Stay tuned for more information in regards to this in the near future and thank you for your continued support!

  • Yes, I understand everything
    Still I'm feeling bleehh about it.
    The diference with Mac users is, they have been able to buy just the Ipad version of 1password about €17 for a long long time? I HAD to buy the windows version which was about € 50 or so, because there was no way to edit/add in the Android reader.

    Now I have to buy the Android version as well.
    If Android had the capability to modify from the getgo, I would not have bought the windows version at all!

    So in the end I'm left with a windows version, which I'm not using at all, AND a 1password version for Android which still is not able to do what the ipad version is capable of doiing. F.e. multiple vaults.....

    So I'm not at all happy about this.


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