Keyboard shortcut for copy password in mini? [yes: ⇧⌘C]

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I saw the update info that said there were lots of new shortcuts for mini, but then realized that the one I'd use the most seemed absent.

A few contextual truths:
1) The new pop-over based UI is richer, and allows editing, but also seems to be slower to appear.
2) I increasingly use 1password for passwords in native OS X apps, for which autofill doesn't apply

The idea:
I want Cmd+C to copy the password when I have the item selected in the menu. I can start typing to search, then use up/down to select the ID, then I just want to copy the password so i can immediately paste in the password to my app. I usually know the username and it's easy to type since they are email addresses or other memorable things. But the password I need to copy, and waiting for the pop-over and using the mouse to navigate to the copy button for the password is just wasted time.

It may seem small, but I do it dozens and dozens of times per day at work... so many secure apps and servers.


  • Hi @instanttim,

    Shift+Command+C already does this. :)

  • instanttim
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    Great! I see that's documented in the menu of the main app, but I guess I didn't make the mental leap that shortcuts for the main app might also work in mini.

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