Future Purchases (Direct) or (AppStore)?

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Short Version:
Will AgileBits be developing and releasing both Direct and AppStore versions of their software for the foreseeable future?

Longer Version:
A while back we thought we heard that AgileBits was going to stop releasing new versions of 1Password on the Mac directly from the website and migrate to only being available via the AppStore. Because of this, we changed our policy and started asking employees to purchase 1Password via their personal AppleID accounts and then get reimbursed. But now it seems like 1Password is being released through both direct sales and the AppStore. It is easier for us to build system images or install scripts that pull the direct install of the 1Password program so if direct sales are available for the foreseeable future then we want to switch back to that.


  • Hi @BrianH,

    Thanks for the question!

    You are correct - in the past there was a time when we were planning on going Mac App Store only. Due to a number of reasons - including our customer's requests that we continue to sell the webstore version - we have decided to continue selling both versions for the foreseeable future.

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