Should I reset my password?

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This is the second time now where I have accidentally entered part of or my entire master password into Google. I use google chrome as my browser, and during this instances I though the password entry box was focused, but it was not, so I searched my password. Is this a legitimate reason to go about resetting my password and relearning a new string of keys? Or am I just overreacting? I changed it the first time, but now I am getting lazy and was wondering if it was a legitimate concern, and what you would do in my situation.


  • jpgoldberg
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    I'm sorry for not getting back to you sooner, @tatchley‌.

    Technically, I have to tell you that if you've done something that might reveal your Master Password then you should change it. I really have no other choice but to say that.

    But unless you think that someone who gets at Google's search string logs or at your own search history is going to try to use that to attack your 1Password data then you might decide to decline to follow the advice that I have to offer. Do see if you can clear your search history from Chrome.

    This focus problem with Chrome is something that we would love to sort out. I wish I had a solution to offer for that.

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