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What does the term "Junior Member" mean? I see it attached to my name in this forum. I've been using 1P for years and have participated actively in Beta testing of new releases as well in the 1P for Mac forum. I don't feel like a "junior" member. How does one get to be a more "senior" member?


  • Jasper
    edited May 2014

    Hi @AMCarter3,

    Sorry for the delayed response here. Your post was in the General category, which is mainly a spam trap and not usually monitored. I've moved the discussion to the Lounge.

    The "Junior Member" title (and all the other titles) were migrated over from our last forum software, and they are hard coded into the current software. We're not actually able to change them — if we wanted to make a change to a user's custom title, we would need to contact our forum host, Vanilla.

    It just so happens that we were recently discussing these custom titles internally, and decided to remove them altogether. We made this change yesterday — so you shouldn't be seeing your "Junior Member" title any more.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions. :)

  • AMCarter3
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    Thanks, Jasper. Good to hear you are eliminating those titles.

  • You're welcome! :)

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