Auto-submit not working in Mac App Store version of 1Password after 4.2 extension update

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If you are using the Mac App Store version of 1Password, please be sure to install:

Under the Hood

1Password used to automatically submit forms using two different methods. One was good; the other one was less-than-stellar. The second method caused problems for lots of users. It would sometimes submit search forms instead of the login form. It would drink your last beer. It would make a mess and not clean up after itself.

The website version of 1Password used both methods to submit forms (depending on the situation), but the Mac App Store version only ever used the less-than-stellar method due to Mac App Store guidelines.

If Mac App Store users were experiencing specific auto-submit problems, we would recommend installing the script above which would enable the good method. It wasn't as much of an issue, though, because the less-than-stellar method was there, and even though it was less-than-stellar, it was something.

On May 27, 2014, we released the 4.2 update to the 1Password extension. (Note that this was only an update to the browser extension, not to the 1Password app.) In 4.2, we decided to solve a bunch of users' problems by taking away the less-than-stellar method from both versions. This left the website version with just the good method, but unfortunately it left the Mac App Store version with nothing. That's why it's now necessary to install the script that was only optional before.

We apologize for not making this information clearer and easier to find. If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. We are always here to help!


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    We have seen a few question about the what script does:

    I am reposting the answer here:

    All applications in the Mac App Store must be sandboxed and the don't have access to your system unless you explicitly grant the access. The ~/Library/Application Scripts folder is one of the ways of explicitly granting the access to sandboxed applications.

    If you look at the installed script (~/Library/Application Scripts/, it consists of a single line:

    `tell application "System Events" to keystroke return`

    Running this script will send a Return key code to the web browser.

    Why is this script needed?

    The 1Password browser extension fills the username and password values on web pages. After the values are filled, the web form could be submitted. In the past we tried different methods of submitting the form. Unfortunately, none of the options available to the browser extension running in JavaScript is reliable enough. For example, calling form.submit in JavaScript is not working on pages where additional logic is performed when one of the form buttons is clicked.

    Sending the Return key to the form turned out to be the most reliable way of submitting the web form and this is what the script does.

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