Adding Backed-Up Data from an Earlier Version of 1Password.

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I've been using an older version of 1Password on my iPhone 4 (iOS 7.0.4) but decided recently to upgrade to 1Password 4.
I also run 1 Password 4 on my iMac (running OS X 10.8.5).
My iPhone and my iMac versions of 1Password had not been synced in the past, but they did carry some duplicate information.
I've now synced the new 1Password 4 on my iPhone to 1Password 4 on my iMac using Dropbox.
This seems to be operating perfectly.
I am now seeking instructions on how to import the backup file data made from my phone's older version of 1Password.
The backup file is on the iMac (in the form of a '1Password0100-xxxxxxxx.1ptbackup' file).
Some of this old and un-synced information is of a critical nature, is needed and cannot be lost.
Other information is a duplication of the newly synced data.
FYI the importation of the old 1Password data to the new 1Password phone app failed when following the prompts on the initial 1Password 4 start-up.
Also, my older 1Password phone app now opens only to a black screen.
Thanks in anticipation of your response.


  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @tsavill‌,

    We should be able to get your data nicely organized here, but we'll have to do a bit of dancing. Unfortunately, the .1ptbackup file is specific to 1Password 3 for iOS, so we'll need to reinstall the old version on your iPhone to restore the data, then import it into 1Password 4. Let's try this:

    • Go to App Store > Purchased (on iPhone go to App Store > Updates > Purchased) and search for 1Password 3 there. Make sure it appears in your purchase history. If it does not, stop here and reply to me.

      • If 1Password 3 does show in your purchase history, close the App Store, then delete 1Password 3 for iOS from the device. Now Reopen the App Store and go back to the purchase history.
      • Open 1Password 3 for iOS, and set up the same passcode and Master Password as you had before.
      • If you get prompted to import, tap that you will do it later, but do not tap that you never want to see the prompt again.
      • Restore the .1ptbackup file according to the restore instructions here.
      • Close both 1Password 3 for iOS and 1Password 4 for iOS from the multitasking view.
      • Launch 1Password 3 for iOS, and tap that you want to begin the import when you are prompted.

    This should merge your backup data into your existing 1Password 4 for iOS database.

    Please let me know if you hit any snags in the process, we're here to help!

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