Demo Vault less convenient/secure than Demo Mode

I really liked the old Demo Mode option in 1Password for iOS - to show how great the app is, all I had to do was open the app, pass my phone to my friend, and instruct them to use "demo" as the password to log in. I felt totally safe knowing they could click all through the app and couldn't access any of my actual data.

Now, I have to log in with my actual password, switch to the Demo Vault, and hover over them as they investigate the app to make sure they don't switch into a different Vault. Am I missing a more convenient and secure way of demonstrating the app? I've noticed I actually show it off a lot less now than I used to.


  • JasperJasper

    Team Member

    Hi @jwsmall,

    You're correct — the Demo mode was removed in version 4.5, and replaced by the Demo vault.

    Thanks for the feedback about this! I will let our developers know that you're interested in seeing the previous demo mode return.

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