4.6b2 on iPads does not bring up keyboard with quick unlock enabled [Confirmed]

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I am running iOS 8b3 on an iPad Air, and have been using 1P 4.6b2. Last night I was not able to get it to accept the vault password to unlock and start using the app. Sometimes it just stuck at the splash screen without a password input field, and sometimes it went to an all white screen with a rectangular field (see attached) , and the iPad hung and I had to press the sleep/wake button to go back to the lock screen, but in both cases I did not get a keyboard. Unloading the app using the multitasking view, or rebooting iOS did not help. But I deleted the app and got it again from hockey app and now everything is happy again.


  • Hi @mirv,

    This is a known issue on iOS 8 with the iPads when enabling the Quick Unlock feature. Please leave it disabled for now until we or Apple figure this out.

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