Opening some items causes crash on iOS8 Beta 3 [UIFont crasher is fixed for the next beta, 4.6 b3]

razordrazord Junior Member
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A few of my items (a credit card, a few login items like my Starbucks login, and my Amazon login) trigger a reliable reproducable crash everytime I open them.

I can send a full crash log if you give me an email, but the synopsis is:

Jul 9 21:57:33 liamgladdycouk 1PasswordBeta[254] : *** Assertion failure in -[UICTFont _scaledValueForValue:], /SourceCache/UIFoundation/UIFoundation-364/UIFoundation/iOS/UIFont.m:496
Jul 9 21:57:33 liamgladdycouk ReportCrash[257] : task_set_exception_ports(B07, 400, D03, 0, 0) failed with error (4: (os/kern) invalid argument)
Jul 9 21:57:33 liamgladdycouk ReportCrash[257] : ReportCrash acting against PID 254


  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @razord,

    Thanks for reporting this. It looks like it has something to do with the custom font we're using and that is why it crashes as soon as you open certain items.

    We have a bug fix in the code already for this and it should be available in the next beta update.

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