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  • gershon
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    I have a 1pw iOS 7 beta and cannot get a new beta to unlock my files. Even after I bought the ios7 version in the store, my beta will not open and allow me to transfer my stored pws to the bought version. As I am away from home for 2 months, I cannot synch with my Mac 1pw4. It seems my only option is to get a refund for the ios7 version I bought and switch to another software. I have to start from scratch anyway so why waste my time on this. Unless someone can tell me how to get iOS 8 bet and I can then unlock my iOS 7 beta and access my files. Thanks.

  • Megan
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    Hi @gershon,

    I'm so sorry to hear that you've been having trouble with 1Password! I've moved your comment to the beta forum, as the folks here will be able to provide you with even more specialized and specific help.

    There was an issue with 1Password 4.6b6 which caused the beta build to expire as soon as you unlock with your Master Password. Our developers re-built the build, and 4.6b7 is now available and should behave much better for you!

    I hope this gets things sorted out for you, but if you're still having difficulties, do let us know - we're here to help. :)

  • Hi @gershon,

    Am I correct to understand you're using iOS 7 on your iOS devices? You keep saying iOS 7 beta but there are no iOS 7 betas, only iOS 8 betas.

    On the iOS platform, there is no way to transfer data between two different apps, that's why there's no option to do this other than sync'ing it across. This isn't isolated to 1Password, no other apps can do this either.

    You should still be able to disable the iCloud sync in the beta version of 1Password, enable it for Dropbox, and then use the Dropbox sync in the App Store version to pull the data in.

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