Settings bugs in 4.6 b14

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got two bugs in Beta 14:

1.) (Rotation lock on an Retina iPad mini active) When opening settings navigating to Vaults -> Add Vault -> Sync with Dropbox -> Select an account the next animation comes up rotated. (See attached file.)

2.) Whenever in Settings and you slide up Control Center, the Settings window goes away and I'm not able to re-open it again until I restart the app.

Oh, and after re-opening the app the keyboard "slides up twice" (odd animation) on my iPad.


  • sternklang
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    On my iPad Air I can't reproduce the first issue with b14. I can reproduce the second issue on the Air.

    I also see the "slides up twice" animation on both iPhone 5s and iPad Air. Both running iOS8 b5.

  • Thanks for the reports folks! I'll be sure they get into our bug tracker.

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