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I've been running the android Beta for a while now.... so much better than the old Reader app, and I like the interface better than I did my iOS version (v3.x). I find that my biggest gripe is that the leftmost navigation sidebar (Favorites / Categories / Folders) shows the "Categories" icon at all. There is plenty of space on the screen; I wish there were a way to have "Logins" or "Notes" lodged directly in the navigation bar. Either as an all-the-time option, or a customizable thing that you can add and remove. I find it frustrating to take 3 actions to get between favorites and logins (Left, Categories, Logins, or Left, Left, Favorites).

Anyone else share this wish?


  • Hi @EXX‌! I'm happy to hear you're enjoying 1Password 4 on your Android device. You brought up a really great suggestion and some of our other users have also suggested a similar idea. I'll add your vote for this request. Thank you and let us know if there is anything else you would like us to look into. :)

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