How to show all logins in extension?


I would like to request for a way to show all email logins in the extension.

I've integrated the extension in my email client app, Dispatch.

For most logins, the API end point is known, so it is possible to search using the URL.
It is not the same for email login.

  • (void)findLoginForURLString:(NSString *)URLString forViewController:(UIViewController *)viewController sender:(id)sender completion:(void (^)(NSDictionary *loginDictionary, NSError *error))completion

For email login, if user has indicated their email provider, I can guess what is the correct URLString and send the appropriate search request. But if user has not indicated their email provider, it's basically an empty username and password field. For this case, I wonder if it is possible to search with an empty value showing all logins in the extension?

At the moment, if I use a nil value, it returns a few logins that has empty 'website' parameter.


  • To add on, for Google Apps email, the domain in the email are usually not suitable as URLString key.
    Is it possible to provide a more generic text search?

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    @honcheng Thanks for the great feedback. We're trying to keep all of our extension communication in one place on the GitHub repo, so please open an issue there:

    I can't guarantee that we'll add this functionality, but it is the right place to have the discussion. Thanks for integrating with our extension, very cool!

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