Feature Request: Multiple folders per item [Will be better to use Smart Folders instead]

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While the folder feature is useful for organization, it seems to have a limit of one folder per item. What would be even more useful is if folders behaved more like tags so you could place an item in multiple folders. I.e., login for Apple.com could fit into Shopping, Development, Hardware, etc. so it's available across different contexts.


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    Hi @sternklang,

    That's better suited for smart folders and tags, you can assign tags to items and then create smart folders to search for all items assigned with one or more tags. This will let you add items to multiple smart folders at once. Right now, you can't create a smart folder in the iOS app but you can use tags in the Organize section.

    Folders are meant to be physical location of the items and items cannot be in more than one location/folder, just like your files on your hard drive. You can make copies of the same file to be placed in more than one folder but that's not the same file.

    Here's an example how you can use smart folders: if you tag an item for Shopping and Hardware, you can create two smart folders, one for all items with the Shopping tag and one for the Hardware. If you tag one item with both tags, it will show up in both folders. In fact, you can even create another smart folder called Hardware Shopping and only the items with both tags will show up in that folder.

    Here's what it'd look like in the Mac app:

    Once we can bring that over to the mobile app, it'd be more useful.

  • Hi @MikeT,

    I was doing this organization on the iOS app so didn't even look at the desktop app feature. You're right on both counts, it's a better way of handling this task and it will be more useful once it's available in the mobile app.

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    Yep, hopefully, not a long wait as we really want to bring this over to the mobile apps.

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