New Product Request: 1Password for Linux [In Progress]



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    Welcome to the forums, Chasm23! Thanks for adding your vote for this. I can guarantee that it won't happen before Lion is released, but beyond that I couldn't possibly hazard a guess. Everything is a blut from now until then. <img class=" />

    It's been a whirlwind around here. Thanks for the feedback, though. It really does help us to know what sort of demand there is for different features.

  • hi everybody,
    here is another bump for a standalone linux (deb/kde) version.

    since I'm running OSX, IOS & debian/kde I really would love to get a multiplattform data-safe, not only for web-data (i.e. firefox sync). I use 1P also to store different kind of information, which I need everywhere, and secured!

    and with supporting linux, you could easy make a difference to the market - not as other ignorant companys, which totaly ignore it.

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    Hello cyymian and welcome to the Forums!

    Thanks for adding your vote for a standalone Linux solution. As Khad mentioned in the previous post, it won't happen before Lion, and we do not know what the future holds.

    We've added you to the list of users desiring the app. In the interim, I'm glad you are using 1P, and I hope you will be a regular visitor/contributor to the Forums.


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    Also, chymian, I'm not sure if you read the rest of the thread, but please consider 1PasswordAnywhere or 1Password for Windows running under WINE in the mean time if you haven't already. :-)
  • Hi,
    It is planned to develop 1Password for Linux?
    That would be great ...
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    hasekin wrote:

    It is planned to develop 1Password for Linux?
    That would be great ...

    Hey there, hasekin! While we don't currently have anything to announce regarding a Linux version of 1Password, we certainly are not ruling it out. Thanks for letting us know you would be interested. :)
  • I'd like to +1 the call for linux-support of some kind. I'm currently using LastPass, but I'd rather be using 1Password.
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    Marten wrote:

    I'd like to +1 the call for linux-support of some kind. I'm currently using LastPass, but I'd rather be using 1Password.

    Thanks for the +1 :)
    Welcome to the forums.
  • Another +1 for a Linux 1Password from me here! I use 1Password on OSX, Windows and Android - and have also gifted on OSX version to my girlfriend - but Linux is the one remaining "hole" in my 1Password usage (and that does hurt a little bit as my Linux box is where I do most of my "serious" computing).

    My particular flavour of Linux is Ubuntu 11.04 (x86), and I would be more than happy to help out with any beta testing (etc.) if a Linux version ever did start to become a reality...

    Keep up the good work!
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    Welcome to the forums, thoughton!

    Just in case you missed it above, have you tried using 1PasswordAnywhere or 1Password for Windows via WINE?

    I have added your vote for Linux support. :-)
  • Adding my voice to the "please support linux" chorus.

    I'm a licensee of the Mac and iPhone versions.

    When you have good linux support, then my company will buy in for our staff, approx 10 licenses, a mix of Windows & Linux.

    Hope you consider seriously supporting linux soon.

  • khad wrote:
    Welcome to the forums, thoughton! Just in case you missed it above, have you tried using 1PasswordAnywhere or 1Password for Windows via WINE? I have added your vote for Linux support. :-)

    Thanks a lot, khad!

    Yeah I do already use 1Password Anywhere on my Linux box - synced via DropBox - and although it's a little cumbersome it is fine for whenever I need to look-up a password.

    It's the browser integration that I'm really missing though, not only for the streamlining of looking-up/auto-filling passwords, but especially for automatically creating new entries for new registrations.

    The lack of browser integration is also the main reason I'm not bothering to use 1P through Wine (as well as the fact that using Wine always makes me feel "dirty", so I try to avoid it if I can...).

    Anyway, thanks for the reply! My fingers are crossed for that Linux version... :)

    All the best,

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    thoughton wrote:

    The lack of browser integration is also the main reason I'm not bothering to use 1P through Wine (as well as the fact that using Wine always makes me feel "dirty", so I try to avoid it if I can...).

    lol I hear you. This is one of the creature comforts I have grown accustomed to on the Mac that would make it hard for me to use anything else full time. I think we have our hands full with two desktop platforms and 4 mobile versions for the time being, but anything is possible. Only time will tell. Thanks for your support and encouragement! :)
  • Just wanted to add another vote, as a sys admin I have tons of passwords to remember and browser integration is the best part of one pass. Can't express enough how awesome a Linux solution would be.
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    Thanks for the vote, aromond! I have passed this along to the developers. :-)
  • nickv2002nickv2002 Junior Member
    Since the browser extension is available on Chrome and should work 99.9% the same no mater what platform Chrome is running on, is there any possibility of having the proper browser extension working on Linux? It seems like you could say the same for Firefox too...

    Even it just filled in passwords but couldn't save them it would be worthwhile since I sync my 1Password file via Dropbox to all my Linux/Mac/Windows machines.

    Perhaps I'm missing something here but from my limited experience this seems like it would be possible without really doing much porting of 1Password to Linux.


    PS: If you are going to port to Linux, I'm +1 for Ubuntu (64-bit, latest version).
  • mixturemixture Junior Member
    This would make 1Password truly complete. +1 for Ubuntu (64-bit, also latest version, just like the guy above me).
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    Welcome to the forums, nickv2002!

    At this time the extensions are not actually standalone products and rely on platform-specific hooks to interact with the main 1Password application and your locally stored data file. We are probably closer to standalone, cross-platform extensions than we have ever been before, but we are not there right now. I don't have anything further to announce, and I don't want to get anyone's hopes up too high, but this is something we know a number of 1Password users are interested in. Thank you for adding your vote!

    I have also passed your vote along to the developers, mixture. :)

    Thanks again,
  • Hi, was googling about for a solution to use (or perhaps an alternative to) 1Password on Linux. I love that I aready have this on my Mac and iPhone and as many have said before Linux would complete the package for me. I do like that there is a sort of alternative of 1PasswordAnywhere, but it really isn't as good as the browser extension.
    So please note another +1 for a linux comparable version, in any form :)
    Thanks for a great program and for interacting with the user base here.
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    Welcome to the forums, David! Thanks for taking the time to cast your vote and provide some encouraging words. I'll pass your vote along to the developers as well.

    If we can be further assistance, please let us know. We are always here to help.

    Best regards,
  • fred909fred909 Junior Member
    +1000 for this. Dropbox has a linux client... :)

    I really want a a read/write solution. 1PasswordAnywhere is not enough.

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    Vote added. In the meantime, have you tried 1Password for Windows under WINE as I mentioned a few times earlier in the thread? It even works with Dropbox syncing. :)

    Although, we do not provide technical support for Linux, it works quite well in my experience.

    Let me know how it goes for you.

  • CarlCarl Just Me
    We need 1Password for Atari 2600 too !!!
  • +1 on Linux support (Fedora 15 user here) and I'd like to say I concur with vidkun's comments. Also, OS X isn't even that far removed from Linux as they are both *nix-based systems.
  • LosInvalidosLosInvalidos Junior Member
    +1 (ubuntu here)
  • Every few months I search the forum to see if a Linux implementation has gained any momentum. I'm disappointed to see very little has changed in the last year.

    I so need the functionality under Fedora / Firefox. It is so clunky to use the workarounds.

    Agile gurus, has Linux support moved closer to the top of your 'can do' list?


    -- gyre --
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    Sorry, gyre, nothing new to report at this time. Please keep an eye on our blog, Twitter, and Facebook for updates. We will certainly announce anything there first:
  • I know there is "nothing new to report," but I just have to point out that your competition is way ahead of you on this regard: LastPass offers a Linux version - and if I had done my research properly before purchasing (rather than just going with a recommendation) I probably would have gone with that program for that reason alone.

    Android is a Linux fork, so I shouldn't this be fairly straight forward? Even if it were just the browser plugins (for now) it would be better than the status quo.

    1Pass is almost literally the only reason I boot Windows anymore (Ubuntu is my preferred boot), so I wish you guys would start to take the suggestions from this post a little more seriously.


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    Hey Chasm23,

    Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback. I know you wouldn't bother if you weren't a fan of 1Password. You would have already switched to a different solution. So I thank you for using 1Password and for letting us know what you are looking for.

    Unfortunately, saying that Android is a Linux fork is like saying that iOS is a Mac OS X fork (though really it would be more precise to say a BSD fork which removes it even further from the origins). It has its roots there, but the screen dimensions, interface, and APIs are completely different. It requires, in fact, a whole new product with a completely different interface. There is no concept of browser extensions in the Android app and, in fact, our current Android app is only a reader. We're working on improving it, but even if it were possible to somehow port it directly it wouldn't be any better than the 1PasswordAnywhere feature already available to you:

    Additionally, the browser extensions are not standalone extensions but require the helper application running natively on the platform (as is already the case in Mac OS X and Windows). That is why you won't find them in any of the browser's "extension galleries" but only from our website. They require native code to function properly.

    We don't want to give you any false hope because we believe firmly in under-promising and over-delivering rather than the converse. Every day we are closer to the possibility of platform agnostic extensions, but I can't promise when or even if this will be possible since 1Password is not a cloud service like some other password managers which store your data on their own servers and may provide it to the extensions directly. I don't use another password manager, so I can't say what any other products are capable of or how they accomplish it. I can only speak for 1Password which stores your data locally on your own computer. For this reason, we need a way to interact directly with the data on disk which we do by using WebSocket in native code to securely access the sandboxed browser extensions. (You can read a bit more about that process here if you are interested.)

    I hope that helps explain the current situation a bit more fully, but I understand if you won't be happy with anything short of, "Hey, we wrote a version of 1Password for Linux and it is available now." I don't blame you. If you have a nail in front of you all you want is a hammer. We take your request very seriously.

    Have you tried either the aforelinked 1PasswordAnywhere feature or using 1Password for Windows via WINE?

    If you have any additional questions or concerns, please let me know.
  • Resurrecting an old post because I want to add my +1 for Linux version.

    While OS X is currently my primary OS, I'm in the process of switching to Linux (not liking where 10.8 is going, and not going back to Windows. I was actually going to switch from Windows to Linux before I gave OS X a shot several years ago.) I can make do with exporting from 1Password to something like KeePass, but I would prefer a native Linux version. I have a license for Windows 1P, so I'll be trying it out with WINE before resorting to converting everything to KeePass.

    With as closely related as Linux and OS X actually are, I can't imagine a port would be all that difficult. Considering there are several Linux only applications running happily on OS X by way of MacPorts, Fink and Homebrew which are all essentially software repositories that handle build scripts for compiling the Linux applications into OS X native applications.

    brenty wrote:

    It's probably difficult to single out a Linux distribution to develop for, and trying to support essentially infinite Linux platforms would be a nightmare. Here's hoping, though.

    While there are essentially infinite Linux platforms/distributions... there are only a few major ones.

    The major ones are:

    Red Hat/RPM (which covers Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and several others like Yellowdog, CentOS, etc)
    Debian (which also covers Ubuntu, Mint, and several others like Knoppix, Xandros, Damn Small Linux, etc)
    Slackware (which also covers SuSE/openSuSE, Slax, etc)
    Gentoo (which also covers Chromium OS/Google Chrome OS, etc)

    Alternatively instead of targeting a distribution/several distributions, you could target a desktop environment (Gnome or KDE are the two most widely used), or just a framework like GTK or Qt.

    It's really not as difficult to target Linux as people make it out to be. All distributions can easily install the GTK or Qt frameworks (think of them like Win32 / .NET in the Windows world, or Cocoa in OS X), target one of those frameworks and anyone running Linux can use it after installing the necessary framework (if it's not already installed, that is).

    Or you could simplify it even farther and forego a GUI entirely, just make a small CLI program that hooks into the 1P database (1PasswordAgent, perhaps?), that the browser extensions call when they need to access/add/edit/remove/generate passwords. Give the CLI program enough control over reading/writing to the database, and I bet you someone somewhere will write a GUI frontend for it within a month. As long as the browser extensions are as platform agnostic as possible (other than the browser they're running on, obviously), you could probably even get away with not having to write new browser extensions for the Linux version, just add the Linux CLI to the list of programs/helper apps it looks for (I assume they're currently looking for the presence of 1PasswordAgent whether in OS X/Windows to facilitate interaction with the 1P database without having to bring up the full GUI)

    There's also this myth that Linux users won't pay for software because there's so much free Linux software out there/FOSS zealotry/etc. All it takes is a quick look over the Humble Bundles and see that Linux consistently has the highest average donation amount. Not to mention some pretty pricey commercial software like Maya and Softimage being available on Linux. And while there is WINE available for free, both Transgaming and Codeweaver's offer commercial software based on WINE (Cedega (or Cider for OS X) and CrossOver Office/Games respectively) and appear to be doing fairly well with that model as well.
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