"Invisible" text in Firefox 32

The latest version of Firefox still presents 1Password text boxes -- to open 1Password and save new passwords -- but neither the cursor nor the typed text appears in the new password boxes. Any typed-in information is posted to 1Password, but it requires checking for typos... because the text isn't visible in the box (which would enable corrections to be made before hitting "submit").

I'm using the latest version of 1Password (4.4.1), so I can't do an update to see whether that works, and I've reinstalled the Firefox plugin, but that had no effect. Is there a fix (other than using a different browser)?


  • I am using Firefox 32.0.1 on OS X 10.9.4 and don't see that problem. I'm running 1P4 4.4.2.BETA-4 but I suspect that doesn't make any difference.

    Are you using any keyboard, clipboard app, add on or anti-virus software that might conceivably interfere with 1P4 and/or Firefox?

    The latest version of Firefox still presents 1Password text boxes...

    When did you first see the problem? Did it exist with a previous version of FF and/or 1P4?

    How are you opening 1P4 when using Firefox? Do things work if you use the ⌥⌘\ shortcut to open 1P mini?

    Sorry for all the questions but maybe if you can give more information someone will be able to help.


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    In addition to the answers to @Stephen_C‌'s excellent questions, could you also let us know what specific version of the 1Password extension you are using in Firefox? Here is my own as an example:

    A screenshot of the problem might really help as well.

    Thanks, @peteraltschuler‌!

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