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  • Is there a parallel discussion on this topic for android? I am not quite up to speed yet.

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    Hi @parphi,

    I've moved your post out into the Android beta forum but I'm not aware of any parallel discussions about the issue in the original discussion. We don't have an extension on Android at the moment.

  • If I understand correctly, an extension for Andriod (produced by 1Password), and each app developer represented on my gs4 must provide a compatible "patch" for their respective app (such as Pintrest) in order to login with my master password
    Or perhaps all I need is to enter the mobile app url of each website into the data fields in 1Password.
    If so, I have had a difficult time finding the full url that points to a mobile app. When the full website url is entered 1Password does not automatically detect the mobile site.

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    Hey @parphi. As Mike mentioned, we do not have an equivalent of the iOS 1Password extension on Android at this time. Filling in third-party applications and browsers on Android is a key area for us that we believe will improve the overall 1Password experience. Our team is currently working on methods for accomplishing this on the Android side. I'll add your vote for this request. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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