[Feature Request] Wifi synchronization for secondary vaults (iOS <> Mac/PC)

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Are there any plans for this feature? The synchronization over WLAN is very comfortable and I like to sync my primary vault over such a feature. But I do not like to share my data (secondary vaults) with Dropbox :-( – Yes, even if they are encrypted.


  • Hi @d_stone,

    It's already supported in the 1Password 5 for iOS and in the latest 1Password 4.5 betas for Mac. We just have to basically release stable updates for the desktop apps to enable the newer Wi-Fi sync system with the attachment and multiple vaults support.

  • JayAreAb
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    Hi @MikeT‌

    Was this ever implemented? I'm using 1Password 5.1 on iOS, but it only synchronises the primary vault. When I try to create a secondary vault on the iOS device, it asks me to synchronise with DropBox, and that's precisely what I would like to avoid.

    Could you share the recipe on how to do this with us? I'm using the Pro version (5.1) on the iOS device, and what I assume to be the Pro version (5.0) on my Mac (I purchased it on the AppStore). Thanks.

  • Hi @JayAreAb,

    It was implemented and ready to go but we ran into last minute bugs and had to pull it from the initial 1Password for Mac 5.0 release. We're working on fixing it as we speak and will have a few updates coming soon with more improvements toward the Wi-Fi sync.

    The iOS app is ready, it is just waiting for the Mac update with the fix.

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