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Hi, i am new to 1password for android just wondering is it normal that every time you are open 1pwd app it starts syncing straight away as it always happen on mine. I notice that it does a lot of download every time it sync, didn't data already downloaded on last successful sync why re-download the same files? i am just a bit on concern regarding the mobile data.

I know i can do a manual sync but is the above the correct behavior for Auto-Sync. I am running version 4.1.2



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    This is the default behavior indeed. It auto-syncs everytime you open the app. However, it should not re-download everything each time, only modified items.

    On my Android phone, i disabled the auto-sync and do this manually instead. I use Dropbox and it only downloads modified files.

    When it syncs on your phone, can you open the notifications panel and see the messages 1Password displays? It should mention "Vault found", "Downloading X updates" if there are files to be synced.

  • As @J.M mentioned above, it is normal for auto sync to run each time you unlock your vault. Unless you have made changes to the vault, this sync should be very quick and utilize very little data. If you are still concerned about mobile data usage though, there is also the option of disabling sync over cellular. If you leave "Sync automatically" checked but uncheck "Sync using cellular data", then auto sync will only run while you are on a WiFi network.

    That being said, it is possible that there is something amiss with sync on your device. I would be happy to take a look at a diagnostic report to determine whether this is the case. To send in a diagnostic report, please do the following:

    1. Launch 1Password and unlock your vault.
    2. Wait for the automatic sync to complete.
    3. Go to Settings > Advanced > Email diagnostics.
    4. Tap "Send mail".
    5. In the body of the email, mention my name (Michael Verde) and the URL for this thread (
    6. Send the email.

    Looking forward to helping resolve this for you @holidays5180‌!

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    Thanks for all the reply, as long as i know this is a the case then it is should be ok. Any problem in future i will report back :smile:

  • Thanks @holidays5180‌! I've followed up on your support email.

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