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Just out of curiosity, have others been able to "post" on the Facebook site. For some background, I replied to the recent News & Updates email from AgileBits with info about some press 1Password had received that I thought they might appreciate. I received an email back with an automated response saying that it's become impossible to reply personally to each message and I can appreciate that. But the email goes on to say, "If you simply wanted to say thank you or hello, please share your love with @1Password on Twitter and tag @dteare. You can also Like 1Password on Facebook and post on our wall." But posting on the Facebook wall doesn't seem to be enabled. I see that you can add pictures and video but not actually just post. Has anybody else had any luck posting to the 1Password wall?


  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @NormShea‌

    My experience is that you can comment on existing posts, but not actually start a new post.


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