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Hi! I have an unique master password (generated by 1Password) on my Mac, but it's 14 characters including special characters etc.

This is almost impossible to key into my Ipad, with the keyboard constantly flipping from alpha to numeric etc

What's the best strategy for a keyable Master Password on an Ipad? (Oh, and I assume that it can be different than the one on my MacBook Pro...?)


  • Drew_AGDrew_AG
    1Password Alumni

    Hi @osprey,

    It's not necessarily a good idea to use the password generator to create your Master Password, partly because (as you've discovered) generated passwords can be very difficult to enter. They can also be difficult to memorize.

    If you sync your 1Password data between your Mac and iPad, your Master Password should also sync from one to the other, so it will be the same on both. There's no option to use a different Master Password on each one.

    We suggest choosing a Master Password that is memorable for you, and also difficult for other people to guess. Please take a look at this page of our Knowledgebase: Choosing a master password

    That page links to an article on our blog that has more detailed information about choosing a good Master Password.

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