master key invalid after ios 8.1.1 update

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we installed 1password on ios 8.0. we used 1password before the ios 8.1.1 update with touch id successfully.
after the ios 8.1.1 update 1password asks for the master password, but we don't get any successful authentication and cannot use the tresor anymore.
how can we recover the information stored within the tresor?


  • Stephen_C
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    Do you sync to any computer (Mac or Windows)? If so, what sync method do you use?

    Are you absolutely sure you're entering the master password correctly? An OS update should have no effect at all on the master password. Have you tried force closing 1P and starting it again to see if that helps?


  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @mc23646266‌ Stephen_C is correct that no update to the iOS firmware should ever affect your Master Password - it would violate everything about how it all works.

    As part of the install process for iOS 8.1.1 your phone would have rebooted. 1Password will request your Master Password after each reboot at which point you can return to using Touch ID. It's going to potentially sound like a dumb question but you are entering the correct Master Password I assume? Also it can be fiddly entering a reasonably strong password on your iPhone (I know I find that). You can see the last character typed so if you type it slowly you can at least eliminate typos.

    Let us know how you get along.

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