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iPad to iPhone vault sharing

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Hi all! I am trying 1Password for the vault sharing feature. I have an iPad air 2 and want my wife to be able to access my vault information on her iPhone 5. I see that I can share a supplemental Vault but I can't set one up in iPad. So can I share the main vault? If I do, can my wife access it with a different password? What if she wants to access it on her iMac (yes I know, I should have started on the iMac, but we're too far down the road now.). I've been reading the user guide, knowledge base and discussions until I've gone cross-eyed, and still don't see how to do this. I can't believe I'm the first who's ever had this issue. Can anyone help? Thanks!


  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables
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    Hi @ideaguard‌

    We introduced secondary vault as a way to share small segments of your logins with other people without giving full access to your primary vault, the belief being that many wouldn't want to do that. Now if your goal is to share the complete contents of your primary vault so that you both use a single vault for all of your data that's fine.

    If you each have your own Apple IDs and don't share then you'll want to use Dropbox and the easiest thing is a single Dropbox account for both of you. So you'd want to go create your account at https://www.dropbox.com if you haven't already. With your account created the following on your iPad should create the .agilekeychain your wife needs to be able to access.

    Go into Settings > Vaults > Primary > Start Syncing > Sync with Dropbox and follow the prompts

    We have a small guide in the form of Sync with Dropbox with some screenshots. I'm pointing you to that guide really just for steps 3 & 4.

    With that done it's time to access your vault from your wife's iPhone. Now if she doesn't have her own vault and you're going to share a single vault for everything then you want to start 1Password like it has never been run before. In Settings > Advanced there is an option titled Erase Data and Settings and it reverts 1Password back as if it had never been run before. If she does't have anything on it that's fine as there is nothing to be lost. Then you'd follow this iOS guide for Existing 1Password user.

    Now if your wife want so to keep her own vault and add yours as a secondary vault that is doable too. She could add your primary vault via Settings > Vaults > Add Vault but there are caveats here. If she needs to sync her primary vault as well it will start getting messy. There is a way to do this but it's a take a step back, get your iMac involved and take it step by step. What I will say is while it will take a little bit of work to do you wouldn't lose anything in your vault during the process.

    Let us know either how you wish to proceed or how you get along.

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    Just a little info from a long time user here. The wife and I have seen many changes to 1Password over the years. I balked at the idea of separate vaults at first and continued to use my old original 1Password 2 vault type setup (1 vault). That setup continued on to 1Password 3 and 1Password 4. Then when individual vaults debuted I wanted it to remain this way.

    I finally took the plunge and took the developers advice making a personal vault as my primary and giving the wife her own primary, we each share a combined family vault.

    • Best thing I ever did, the wife really loves having her own personal vault for ease of her primary use.

    I have to admit this has really helped my OCD as I am a organizational freak. I don't have to worry about her filing methods now. In all honesty we each have the personal vault, and we share that personal vault with each other, then we each have the shared family vault.

    Its honestly a speed saving thing as its far easier to save my logins to my vault directly from the browser extension. True it only takes a few seconds to change but its almost effortless.

    If you go that separate route where you each have a primary... Then you can have your own Master Password and unlock all vaults you have access to. Then on her device she can unlock all vaults she has access to with her own Master Password.

    No matter which route you choose to pursue, you can always change later on. If its easier for you at first to have one vault then by all means do that. Its most important to get you comfortable with and using 1Password properly for good security habits. Then as I said you can always modify your setup.

  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables
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    Let us know how you get along @ideaguard‌ :smile:

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