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unable to sync macbook with iphone

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i'd like to sync my newly purchased 1Password 4 (4.4.3), running on my macbook OSX 19.9.5 with the 1Password app (version 5.1.2) on my iPhone5 running with iOS 8.1.

on the mac i can't select "Use Wi-Fi to sync this Mac with iOS devices option" within the sync preferences - it's not shown there. the only things i can select are: iCloud, Dropbox, Folder.

whenever i try to sync and select the WiFi-connection on my iPhone it connects with my macbook, i can type in the secret created by the macbook (Window > Wi-Fi Sync), the app tells me that the syncing started and after a while i get the error massage: Error Domain NSPOSIXErrorDomainCode="The operation couldn't be completed. Operation timed out."

how can i fix this problem?
i don't want to use cloud or dropbox to sync my data.

i would be grateful for any advice!


  • carL_netcarL_net
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    sorry the error report is: Error Domain=NSPOSIXErrorDOMAINCode=60"The operation couldn't be completed. Operation timed out."

  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables
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    Hi @carL_net‌

    It sounds like you're mixing up parts of Wi-Fi syncing in 1Password 5 with what you need to do in 1Password 4. From our Syncing over Wi-Fi guide:

    • In 1Password 4 for Mac, choose Window > Wi-Fi Sync.

    Remember: You need to leave the sync-server window open until the sync is complete.

    Given the screenshots it's best to reference the guide for all of the steps for syncing on iOS.

    The reason I think you're mixing bits up is the Wi-Fi setting you mention in your first post is only on 1Password 5.

    If you're still having troubles (and you are keeping the Wi-Fi window open as instructed) I'd suggest rebooting both devices and trying again. We've had quite a few issues of networking and bonjour with iOS 8 and Yosemite and sometimes you need to reboot both items to get them to play ball. It isn't just us, I have immense trouble getting iTunes Wi-Fi sync between my iOS 8 iPhone and my Mavericks machine running. Sometimes I give up and grab the USB cable because I can't reboot my server each time it throws a hissy fit.

  • carL_netcarL_net
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    Thanks a lot for your reply - good to know that the wi-fi setting within the preferences is only displayed in 1Password 5. never the less i tired several times (with the window open as instructed! + and with numerous reboots of both devices) unfortunately without success :-(.
    i switched to dropbox-sync now - however with quite unpleasant feelings... isn’t there an other non-cloud solution – e.g. the sync via usb – like you described in your post for the standard iPhone-Mac-Sync? I would really appreciate sough an seemingly outdated + old fashioned tethered solution for my passwords.

  • BenBen

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    Hi @carL_net‌

    Currently the only non-Cloud based sync solution for 1Password is WiFi sync. Dropbox is a great solution, but if you'd like to continue to try and get WiFi sync working, please turn off Dropbox sync and try the instructions here:

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