FEATURE REQ: Pin-protect browser in 1Password

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We make a Safe Browser app (itunes.apple.com/us/app/webprotectme-safe-browser/id887683765) that has 1Password integrated.

Some mutual customers (1Password & Safe Browser) have requested a way to pin-protect the browser in 1Password so that it can't be used to bypass the Safe Browser. That way the primary device user can continue to use 1Password but the parent or accountability minder can pin-protect the browser in 1Password so they can't use it.


  • MikeT
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    Hi @jasonjwwilliams,

    Thanks for contacting us about this.

    We do want to let kids use 1Password to protect themselves but we do realize 1Browser needs parental controls or at the very least, PIN lock as you're suggesting since you can use the 1Password extension in Mobile Safari or Safe Browser.

    There are other solutions that has been suggested such as allowing kids to unlock their own vault from the lock view instead of unlocking your own primary vault and such vault can be locked down to prevent 1Browser.

    We'll find the best solution for this. Thanks again for letting us know.

    Feature ID #: OPI-2046

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