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Hello there,
I read some threads but couldn't find a solution.

  • Go and fill does not work in Chrome when I use the 1P integration in Alfred
  • Go and fill does not work in Chrome when I double click on a login item in the 1P main app
  • Go and fill does work in Chrome when I select it in 1P mini
  • All three work when I use Safari as my default browser

The strange thing is that go and fill works with 1P mini bit not from the main app. Is it possible to fix it, so I can use Alfred's 1P integration with Chrome?

Thanks and happy holidays!

My setup:
13" MacbookPro running OS X Yosemite 10.10.1
Chrome 39.0.2171.95 (64-bit)
1Password 5.0.2 MAS
1Password Chrome Extension
Alfred 2.5.1 incl. Powerpack


  • AGKyle
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    edited December 2014

    Hi @‌NobbyNobbs

    There's a bug I have filed for Go & Fill being broken with Chrome, or at least, very inconsistent about working and not working. At the moment, it seems to work for me, but testing has yielded that it is hit or miss.

    I'm not sure when we might have a fix in place for this but it is a bug we are aware of. Sorry about the trouble though!


    AgileBits Support


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