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I bought 1Password 4 from your Web Store when iCloud syncing was allowed and the iPhone app was a paid app. I paid a premium price to be able to use this service because I felt you had the best product. With the upgrade to 1Password 5, I am being told that iCloud syncing is no longer available with the Web Store version of 1Password. I bought the Web Store version of 1Password precisely to support your company. I figured you'd get a bigger cut of the revenue than if I bought it from Apple. Maybe I failed to read some notification or some fine print when I bought the original, but to deny me iCloud syncing at this stage seems wrong, if not a breach of contract. Is there any way I can get an App Store version without shelling out even more money? Please advise.


  • Megan
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    Hi @reebee,

    I do apologize for the frustration here. We really do appreciate that you chose to purchase directly from our webstore to help support us! Our founder has a post at the top of the forums that explains the situation with iCloud sync:

    iCloud Changes in the Website Version of 1Password 5

    I wish I had a better solution for you here, but I hope this helps!

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