All of a sudden my 1Password 5 is saying I have a trial version

Deborah Meyer
Deborah Meyer
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This is driving me crazy. I have had 1password for since 2010. I have upgraded faithfully. I upgraded to 5 over 30 days ago, yet I am now getting a message that my trial is about to expire and an offer to buy the new version. What is up with that? I have a license number. I do not want to lose my data. I am frustrated that I can't talk to a person via chat or phone. So how do I fix this? I have "5 days left on the trial".


  • Stephen_C
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    There is a sticky at the top of the forum about this. If you read that you will probably find it helpful.


  • danco
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    But if you have a license NUMBER, it will be for 1PW3. 1PW4 uses a license file, as does 1PW5. The upgrade from 4 to 5 is free and uses the same license, the upgrade from 3 to 4 is paid. 1PW4 should have complained if you did not buy a license, but apparently had a bug that meant it did not complain, whereas 5 does complain.

    Of course, since you upgraded faithfully, you may have paid the upgrade to 1PW4 and your mention of a number is just normal imprecise language.

  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @Deborah Meyer

    Based on the email address you registered with here in the forums I can see you do have a 1Password 5 licence.

    If you don't have the original email from us at the time of purchase you can request the licence email to be sent again from this page

    Now as you have a gmail address what might have happened is you got caught out by this weird gmail bug where one of our links to download your licence file (we don't attach it to the actual email) is made invisible by google.

    What you should see is

    Name: [Name here]
    Register: With 1Password downloaded, click here to automatically add your license

    Notes: No link? Link not working? View the complete installation steps.

    The links are fake because otherwise everybody could download my licence file - not going to happen :wink:

    Now the problem with google is that link on the register line is invisible but the link in the Notes line should be there.

    Once you've downloaded the licence file I believe double clicking on it should be sufficient but if not we do have a page on Adding a license to 1Password

    If you're still having troubles do please let us know.

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