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Patrick Braunschweig
Patrick Braunschweig
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I have installed 1password for Mac (v3.8.22 on Mac 10.7.5) and 1password for iOS (v5.1.2 on iOS 8.1.1). I'd like to sync over Wifi. My iPhone doesn't appear on the 1password for Mac. With my previous iPhone it worked.

Is there a compatibility or another issue?

Thanks for help.



  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @Patrick Braunschweig

    Unfortunately you are correct, there is a compatibility issue.

    1Password 4 was a complete re-write, a start from scratch affair for 1Password on both Mac and iOS. The developers felt that the 1Password 3 codebase wouldn't allow them to do what they wanted to in the future so they started again. Of course we maintained compatibility with the agilekeychain and .1pif formats but even there, agilekeychain was relegated to the sync format and we moved to an encrypted sqlite database file.

    One of the things that broke was Wi-Fi compatibility. You can sync Mac to iOS if both use 1Password 3 or if both use 1Password 4/5 but I'm afraid you can't Wi-Fi Sync 1Password 3 to 1Password 4/5.

    It isn't a completely lost case though. If you're willing to consider Dropbox you can still sync 1Password 3 for Mac with 1Password 4/5 for iOS and I believe there are a few people that use this exact setup. Is that a possibility for you?

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