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I have a family 1password 5 license that I checked on the store site. I am using Yosemite on my macs a mac book pro and a iMac on both computers I am getting a notice saying that my trial period has ended.
I cannot locate a license key button but I do have the license key I purchased in 6/2014 in your online store.
My LICENSE KEY IS 1PW3-xxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxxx-G8R877
I cannot find anyplace to enter the license key.
Everything works but I cannot edit or add new Logins.

I have been using 1password since 2011.



  • hawkmoth
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    Your key is for version 3 or older. When version 4 arrived, the alpha-numeric key was replaced with a license file. If you paid to upgrade to version 4, you would have received a link by email to retrieve the file. You should also have access to that file where you checked for your license.

    I'm a little hazy on the timing for when version 4 replaced version 3, but it looks to me like you should have been able to upgrade from 3 to 4 without an additional cost, given the date you say you obtained that key.

    If you're registered on the forums with the same email address as you used for your purchases, I expect someone from the AgileBits team will happen along and look up your record. If you use a different address here than you used to purchase your license, you probably should send that email address and whatever other details you have to support+licenses @agilebits. com

  • Drew_AG
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    Hi @KirJod,

    I was able to find your license information in our system, and I resent that information to your email address. You have a family license for 1Password 5 for Mac, and you'll need to download your license file and add it to the 1Password 5 app to activate it (a link is included in the email).

    The license code you mentioned in your message is for 1Password 3 for Mac. It's included with your purchase of the newer license in case you need to install 1Password 3 on an older Mac that can't use 1Password 4 or 5. Sorry for any confusion about that! For 1Password 5, just follow the steps in the license email to download your license file and add it to the 1Password 5 app.

    If you have more questions about that, just let us know! :)

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