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One detail I just noticed is that the item in my purchase history is only for the iOS app and the Android versions.

So, apparently I own the iOS app, but never purchased a license for the desktop app. Seems like I'll need to purchase v5?

Having known that, I would have gone for the Parallels Desktop bundle, which is 49$ including 1Password...

What are my options?


  • Rad
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    Hi @Frigozone‌,

    Thanks for taking the time to write to us :smile:

    You mentioned that you never purchased a license for 1Password for Mac and I suppose that you haven't purchased it from the Mac App Store either. If that's the case, the only options are to purchase 1Password 5 for Mac either from our web store or from the Mac App Store. Note that if you wish to use iCloud sync you need to purchase 1Password from the Mac App Store.

    Hope that this helps.


  • Frigozone
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    Hi @‌Rad

    No I had not purchased a 1password on Mac as it was just working up until v5 came in. Again, having known this from the start that this would cost me more than $75, I would never have opt in on 1password.

    Again, the Parallels Desktop (which I am a licensed user of) offered a bundle including 1password for $49. It seems overpriced to charge $49 only for 1password on the Mac (and some more for windows if needs ever becomes necessary)!

    I really don't care from where it comes from; as long as it continues to work as per last version.

    I can just imagine that licensing is going to affect me again later down the road... Not fair.


  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @Frigozone‌

    I've been informed that you've been responded to on this subject in another thread and that we're also in contact with you via email. To avoid any confusion or duplication I'm going to close this thread.

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