App locks on context switch

Using latest beta (4.2b5).

PIN Code: Off
Lock on Exit: Off
Auto Lock After: 30 minutes
Auto Clear Clipboard: 3 minutes

Replication steps:
1) Use task manager to terminate all running apps (to give a clean system with no memory load issues).
2) Tap 1Password icon
3) Enter master password
4) Press home key
5) Tap 1Password icon

Expected Behaviour
App is redisplayed in the state I left it.
Actual Behaviour
I am now required to enter my master password again.

I understand that switching away from the app may result in it being forcibly unloaded if the system needs more resources but with nothing else running this seems like odd behaviour.


  • Lucky you are.
    It got even worse in beta 6.

  • Worse in what way @Dmitry_N‌?

  • Hmm...
    After a reboot, beta 6 has been working fine so far.
    Before that, it kept exiting randomly and requiring the password (not PIN) every time (I have PIN turned on).

  • ah ok, thanks.

    I think you got your English a little muddled.

    It got even worse in beta 6

    should have been "It got better in beta 6".

    "It got even worse" implies that the problem remained and became more of a problem in the later beta version.
    Thanks for your comment though.

    That said, the b6 version did not resolve the problem for me.

  • It was worse indeed. As I said, after a reboot [of my device], the problem disappeared.
    I haven't been drinking that much :smile:

  • ok, agreed. This does seem to have resolved itself in beta6.

  • Well, the bug disappears if the auto sync is turned off. I did so.
    Auto sync is annoying anyway.
    Why not make a 1P "account" under "Accounts and Sync" in Android and have its own settings of if and when to auto sync?

  • Auto sync is annoying anyway.

    Not sure why you think that. Seems fine to me.

    Why not make a 1P "account" under "Accounts and Sync" in Android and have its own settings of if and when to auto sync?

    Because that would imply that your 1P "account" is usable by other apps. It is not. The settings you're talking are fine in the 1Password settings page without needing to mess about with system registered accounts.

  • periperi

    Team Member

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad to hear the problem was fixed in the latest beta. Please let us know if it persists. :)

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