Problem upon deleting 1Password after 1Password5 was installed


I have used 1Password for several years and when 1Password5 came out I installed it. Each time I opened the new version a message came up on the screen to remove the old version. I ignored this until today when I when I try to open 1Password5 I get a message saying "1Password failed to connect to 1Password mini. Please restart 1Password. If this does not help. please contact AgileBits support." I am devistated because without my passwords I cannot access my bank records and other important sites that I visit on a regular basis. Please help me out on this problem. Thank you


  • Rad
    1Password Alumni


    Thanks for taking the time to write to us :smile:

    Let's try the following steps to sort this out:

    • Please make sure that you have no other copies of or 1Password on your hard drive. Trash them all and empty the trash. This will not affect your data. Please do not use app cleaning utilities, the may cause data loss.
    • Reboot your Mac.
    • Download 1Password again from here if you purchased it from our website or from the Mac App Store if you purchased if from there.
    • Relaunch 1Password. It should all be fine now.

    Hope that this helps.


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