How do I set up to sync with my external SD card

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I was trying to set up my path to send my information to my external SD card. I accadnely deleted the path.
How do I get to a screen so I can set up a path so my information will be sent to my external SD card?
I go to Setting Sync tap on Folder sync but I do not get the screen to select were to sync to.
How do I set up a Vault to sync to my external SD card? And what would the path be to set up to my external SD card. Thank you for any help. I've tried every thing I could do and I can not get this to work. I had to reset my phone and I lost all my info. I need to get my sync to work with my external SD card so I can reset my info if I need to reset my phone again.


  • RichardPayne
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    1Password for Android does not support folder sync as far as I'm aware. You'd need to use Dropbox to get an off-device backup.

  • Hey @jpbneb‌

    Unfortunately, 1Password for Android doesn't currently support importing and exporting data to SD cards. The only supported sync methods are local storage and Dropbox, like @RichardPayne mentioned.

    However, if you have a locally stored vault and need to reset your phone, create a Diagnostics Report from your Android. This will let us know where your data is stored so that we can help you back it up on another device. Please also include a link to this thread in your email, along with your forum handle so that we'll be able to reference this discussion when we receive your Diagnostics Report.


  • Centurion
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    Am trying out 1Password on my Android phone and am able to synch vault folder across home wifi network between windows laptop and phone using MyPhoneExplorer app. Have been relying on MPE for many years as way to back up phone data without relying on the cloud.

  • Hi @Centurion‌

    Thanks for the info! We love hearing about what works for people with regards to syncing. :)

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