black screen after splash screen 1PW for android beta (downloaded the latest verstion)

running cyanogenmod 12 on moto x. installed 1PW beta from latest beta version. launch app. get splashscreen the first time and then just a black screen. please help. really need this app on my phone.



  • periperi

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    Hi @chnacat‌

    This is a known issue on Cyanogenmod 12. We are not able to replicate this problem you described on the AOSP version of Android Lollipop. We would appreciate it if you are able to contact Cyanogenmod directly and bring this up to the mobile team there. :)

  • I used another phone and i managed to make it all the way through the setup and sync from dropbox (Dropbox authorization appears fine and the keyboard appears just fine when it gets to the password part - you just can't see that you're typing). I was hoping maybe just the setup process would be a black screen but it's not. The dropbox sync notification appears in the status bar but i can't see any of the internal app.

    @chnacat have you submitted to anyone at Cyanogenmod? if so what has their response been?

  • saadsaad

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    @jamesxa Which version of Cyanogenmod are you using on your device? We did hear about this issue on early builds on CM12 but we haven't had any reports on it since then. I am wondering if newer version of CM already resolves this issue.

  • I'm getting a custom unofficial build of CM12 from XDA for my AT&T Skyrocket. The developer recently fixed this issue (within the last 2 weeks), but I didn't know if he mentioned it in the change log as he fixed it or if it was just part of the upstream changes from CyanogenMod. Being on an unofficial build may have been what took longer for me to receive the update.

  • saadsaad

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    Nice to hear this issue was recently resolved for your build! Thanks for letting us know.

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