Auto Save Logins Not Working Right

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For some reason ever since I updated my OS and Safari to their latest editions, 1P5 autosave login doesn't work every time. I just uninstalled the oddly versioned extension (4....) that is still there even though I run IP5 and reinstalled the extension from the alternate site. It is still 4 point whatever so I guess it is the correct extension for 1P5. Oddly, the auto save feature worked when I signed in with the forum login I had. Anybody have a decent idea of what's going on?


  • Drew_AG
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    Hi @VintageVet,

    I'm sorry you're having trouble with the extension! Yes you're correct - the version 4 extension is the latest, and is the correct one for 1Password 5.

    Can you please elaborate on the problem? Do you mean 1Password doesn't ask to save Login items for new sites? Or it doesn't prompt to update existing Login items when you change a password on a site? Or something else? The more details you can give us about what you're doing and what you expect to happen with 1Password, and what happens instead (if anything), the better. Thanks!

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