After update to 5.0.2 Several items show passwords in "Name" field

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After updating to 5.0.2 on all my macs, several of my items are now showing the password where the name used to be. Has anyone found a way to resolve this without having to edit each item?


  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @Digi_Vidkid‌

    That's very unusual as in I've not heard that one before. Can I ask, when you say

    where the name used to be

    Do you mean the title of the item or do you mean the username field that is part of any Login item (for example). I would be also curious to know if the password is in the username, what is in the password field. It might sound a bit of a dumb question but have you verified that these are indeed your passwords or just look like passwords? I ask because a UUID CAA4FDD7ECC74C7C90CC85C2358BF536 for example, could be mistaken for a password but is in fact simply an ID to ensure no two items are confused at the program level.

    We would be very interested in hearing back from you on this as whatever has happened is very odd.

    Depending on if you've made many changes or alterations to your vault since you updated to 1Password 5.0.2, I would have thought that a change like this to multiple items would have triggered a backup. That would mean the second newest backup ought to be of the items before this change (depending on when this all happened). If it's only a few items though it would probably be easiest to edit them as reverting to a backup would mean a good deal of work to ensure the vault on another machine simply doesn't overwrite the restored data. To best gauge that it would be helpful to know how many devices you sync together at the moment and roughly how many items this has affected.

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