Email, iTunes assorted apps log on via vault

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I cannot find how to have my email login access, iTunes Store log on, and some of my apps log ons to be accessed via i password vault. Can you help?


  • Hi @Matlas‌,

    You can store most of these as Login items. The caveat with things like apps and especially iTunes is there is not a way to have these fill like you can a web form. This is because we don't have a way to extend into those apps on OS X like we can with the browsers.

    What I do for these situations is I call up 1Password mini to save the day. You can do that with command-option-backslash (⌘⌥\) then type the name of your login, like iTunes, and then copy and paste the password from 1Password mini to the dialog box.

    For email accounts we also have an Email Accounts category to keep track of some details.

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