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I couldn't find the answers to these questions:

  1. If a webpage does not have the space for your username and password on the same page, can you use 1Password to somehow autofill and sign in? For instance, my bank makes you enter your user name, click a button, and then you enter your password on a second page.

  2. For apps like Skype, can you use 1Password to sign in? I mean, I know you can use 1Password to autofill and sign in on the web, but what about in the standalone app? Does 1Password work with things like that? If so, how?



  • Stephen_C
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    1. Yes. 1Password is able to cope with multi-page logins but it sometimes depends on how tricky the site is with which you're dealing. Have a look at this knowledge base article for more guidance.
    2. Yes, you can use 1P (and I do) but it's slightly less straightforward than logging in to a site through your browser. All you have to do, in essence, is find your app login details and copy and paste the password. 1P makes that easier by using some shortcuts (⌥⌘\) to open the 1P helper application, highlight your login in the list and simply press shift + cmd + c to copy the password—you don't need to see the full details of the 1P login item on screen—then cmd + v to paste it. It's really much quicker and simpler to do than it is to explain it.

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    Hi @JDLee‌ Let us know if Stephen_C's answers helped you and if you have any further questions :smile:

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