2 agilebitkeychains

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I have 2 agilebitkeychains in my dropbox. 1 in the root of my dropbox, the other under 1password/agilebitskeychain. my iOS device points to the file under the 1password directory. My mac that just got upgraded to 1password5 doesn't point to my dropbox anymore. I tried to point the Mac at the 1password/agilebitskeychain but it wanted to merge the database.

I would like to just point the MAC at the same one as the iOS device and delete its current data, how do I do that?



  • Lars
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    Thanks for the question, MrDunross.

    Let me make sure I understand it fully, however, before I wind up giving you incorrect instructions. You want the data that's on your iOS device to be synced through Dropbox to your Mac? Or you want the Mac to overwrite the Dropbox file and be synced to your iOS device? Can you clarify which 1Password data you want to be synced through Dropbox to your other devices? Thanks.

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