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After using the app and going back into the app a few times, I will allow it to sit in the background. When I try to open it back up, I am presented with the app asking to enter my pin, I enter my pin and it looks like it will allow me through, then it reverts back to the home screen. The black in the video is me entering my pin. Only way to make it work, is to clear the data in the app or reinstall, a restart doesn't help. See attached video.
1Password 4.2b6
Nexus 6 - 5.0.1



  • robbiev
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    1. Installed beta 4.2b6 (over existing app, pin lock enabled, lock when exit, expire at 60 mins)
    2. Enabled the new filling mode
    3. Tested it in Chrome, works (does not work with Chrome beta for some reason btw)
    4. Put phone down
    5. Pick phone up after a while
    6. Try to open the app with the pin lock
    7. App unlocks, but as the lock slides down, there is nothing behind it and I'm back at the home screen
    8. Swiping the 1password app away ("closing" it) from the open apps menu does not fix the problem
    9. Disable the accessibility access (filling)
    10. App now asks for the master password and works as expected

    Known bug?

  • saad
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    Hey @MattAttack‌. Thank you for reporting this issue. I have passed on this information to our developers to look into. The next time you experience the same problem, could you go into your device's Settings > Apps > 1Password and Force Stop 1Password? Relaunch 1Password and let me know if that works as a temporary workaround.

  • Hey @robbiev. Thank you for sharing your findings with us. There are a couple of known issues we are currently working on that may be causing this behaviour you are describing. I have passed on these steps you provided to our developers, they will look into this further. Please keep an eye on our upcoming beta updates and confirm the fix when it's available. Thanks again for your help! :)

  • MattAttack
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    I just tried this and it asked for my master password and allowed me in. This seems to be a viable workaround. Thanks @saad.

  • MattAttack
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    @robbiev I am having this same exact issue. The work around is to go to the app in the settings area, and force stop it. It should allow you enter your master password and enter the app. I have my pin lock out at 10 minutes though, just an FYI to the devs.

  • Thanks for confirming that works Matt! We are hoping to resolve this in an upcoming update.

  • @robbiev‌ @MattAttack‌ I merged the two posts as they seem to be the same issue.

  • guillaumeserton
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    I had the same issue on my Nexus 7 2013 wifi 5.0.1 and still with 5.0.2

  • Thank you for letting us know you are experiencing this issue as well. We have resolved the problem internally and will be releasing the fix in an upcoming beta update.

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